Review: Stop, Breathe & Think App

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Stop, Breathe & Think is a meditation app I have generously recommended to a few people. The greatest problem almost every time is trying to explain how the app looks. Quite honestly, there are many apps for meditation available. This one is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Above, you will see an example of the app.

A few years ago, I was discussing apps for mindfulness on a sunny day around lunchtime to a far more enthusiastic follower of meditation than myself. In fact, I had never downloaded an app before, instead gravitating towards printed sheets. Pressing a button and having guided meditation read aloud sounded like a novel idea. (I should have thought of it before.)

During the conversation, she spoke of a few apps. Ones she had chosen among many. After trying all of her recommended apps, finally chose my favorite. Why only one? Too many app options on cell phone screen distracts. Wouldn’t expect this for everyone, so feel free to have many.

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Why do I like this meditation app?

Because it is well organized and free, though you can pay to have more meditation options. Rarely will I become frustrated navigating Breathe’s menu from beginning to end. It is pretty straightforward. Which helps since a relaxed state is ultimately desired.

Diversity is also enjoyable. There are two lead voices: one male, one female. Both are fine to listen to. Times range from as short as one minute to several or more minutes. Also, various types of mindfulness techniques and meditations are present, with a fairly long list of choices (even when free). To explore all free options, simply click All Sessions under Explore Sessions. Free ones are at top. Paid ones are below, under “Go Premium” header.

Supposedly it is intended for the “under 25” generation according to their website, found here. I am over twenty-five, and find it plenty useful, as I am certain many others do. Including my seventy-something-year-old godfather.

One cool feature is a calculator informing how many hours you have clocked meditating, which is found in Progress section. There is a check in at the beginning, if you feel so inclined to record your mood. I always skip that and head straight to Explore Activities.

My favorite sessions are Belly Breathing, Counting Breaths, Falling Asleep, and One Minute to Mindfulness. All are currently available with any plan.

You can also collect stickers which promote progress. Here’s to staying young! (And calm.)

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*Was not paid or given anything to post this review. All opinions are my own.