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I have won photography awards. Featured as Editor’s Favorite in National Geographic’s Your Shot assignments. Am currently a stock photographer with Getty & Shutterstock.

There will also be recipes, health-related articles, fashion, and travel content.

Photography is my passion. Having flunked (in my opinion) oil masterpieces 101, I turned to photography. It was a nice fit considering my dream of painting imitated a photograph capturing details. In my dreams I was Abraham van Beijeren (sans the fish).

Given my tendency to browse the web for reviews, hopefully reviews on this site will pass on the favor.

If this is something you are interested in, subscribe to my newsletter. Goal is to post once a week. Some weeks may vary.

Encouragement was a bigger part of the picture when starting this website. Whether in the form of a quote, scenario, poem; the plan is to feature things which have touched or impacted my life. Whether written by me or someone else, I desire for this website to be a source of inspiration.


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